Carmens is situated in the heart of Rome, and debuted with it's first opening on Via Del Corso 103, on June 11th.

The architectural project was signed by Parisotto+Formenton architects, who were able to bring to life the spirit of the brand.

My favorite aspects of the interior design were the nuances of blu, the round couch positiond in the center of the first room, and and the unique shoe disposition, which, I found very creative and innovative. Definitely adding a sophisticaded touch to the spaces of the shop.

Moving on to Carmens collection, I had been looking for sparkley heels for a really long time, and I never managed to buy a pair.

I looked at Chiara Ferragni's collection, which, included nice pieces with sparkles, but I couldn't even see myself trying them on. I was looking for something elegant and simple, and the 'winking eyes' and colorful detail weren't making it for me at all.

However, as soon as I walked inside Carmens, I saw these fumè grey, sparkley, sandals, with the most particular heel shape.  

They had to be mine, no matter what the price, or size were! (or at least that's what I was telling myself)  

Anywyas, luckly enough, the had the Gladiolus  in my size and the price on sale was 140 euros... I left the shop with the shoes on!! :) 

To conclude, Carmes is among the best shoe shops in Rome, encompassing both quality and affordable prices. 

As a matter of fact, if you happen to be on Via del Corso, or on a shopping adventure, if you are visiting Rome, or are looking for the perfect summer sandals, go check this place out. You are going to love Carmens as much as I did.

           Wearing: Gladiolus Back 3 

            Price: 140

Bye Bitches,


P.S I also bought a pair of black heels, which, I'll talk about in my next post. 

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