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Usa Donald Trump fatal attack Thomas Matthew Crooks of Pennsylvania shot the President of the United States of America

14 Luglio 2024

Donald Trump was shot in the ear from a rooftop during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

About a dozen shots were heard. One spectator was killed and two others were injured. The attacker was killed by a Secret Service sniper. He was wearing camouflage and some reporters said the roof where he was positioned was less than 150 meters from the stage.

Richard Goldinger, the prosecutor for Butler County, where the attack occurred, said instead that the attacker was on the roof of an adjacent building, outside the event area. "A rifle was needed to carry out the attack because it was several hundred meters away," the prosecutor said.

New York

Usa Donald Trump injured but ‘fine’ after attempted assassination at rally, Matthew Crooks shooter and one attendee are dead

14 Luglio 2024

BUTLER, Pa. (AP) — Former President Donald Trump was the target of an assassination attempt Saturday at a Pennsylvania rally, days before he was to accept the Republican nomination for a third time. A barrage of gunfire set off panic, and a bloodied Trump, who said he was shot in the ear, was surrounded by Secret Service and hurried to his SUV as he pumped his fist in a show of defiance.Trump’s campaign said the presumptive GOP nominee was doing “fine” after the shooting, which he said pierced the upper part of his right ear.“I knew immediately that something was wrong in that I heard a whizzing sound, shots, and immediately felt the bullet ripping through the skin. Much bleeding took place,” he wrote on his social media site.

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NATO Challenges Putin: 'Ukraine Will Join Alliance'. Risk of collapse for the European tourism and hospitality sector and serious damage to the economy

09 Luglio 2024

New York 10 luglio 2024

Ukraine's accession to NATO now seems only a matter of time.

In the aftermath of Russia's new horrific attacks on a children's hospital in Kiev, at its 75th summit in Washington, the Atlantic Alliance is raising its voice against Vladimir Putin, strengthening its commitment to Volodymyr Zelensky and guaranteeing him the long-awaited entry into the most powerful and long-lasting defense pact in history.



Corsini hotel collection, the Italian tourism market continues to grow, competition forces operators to change pace. Today and in the coming years we will witness a radical transformation of the current scenario

07 Luglio 2024

London 7 July 2024

Matteo Corsini

London Matteo Corsini "The hotel sector in Italy is radically changing thanks to the huge increase in demand. The equation is simple, the greater the tourist flow, the greater the hotel offer will be forced to adapt to the new parameters required by customers. Therefore greater comfort, home automation, cutting-edge interior design, ethnic styles and concepts, spaces, visions of horizons. For years the sector has always generated new proposals in line with the times and the antiquated structures will not be able to have satisfactory margins, because the ADR will go down instead of up." 



Spain is the first semi-finalist at Euro 2024.The 'Red Furies' beat the hosts Germany 2-1 after extra time thanks to a goal scored in the 119th minute by Merino.

-->05 Luglio 2024

Spain is the first semi-finalist at Euro 2024.

The 'Red Furies' beat the hosts Germany 2-1 after extra time thanks to a goal scored in the 119th minute by Merino.
The match was balanced in the first half, then at the beginning of the second half Olmo gave Spain the lead.The German equaliser bears the signature of Wirtz and comes one minute from the end of regulation time, extending the match to extra time. And just when the game seemed destined for penalties, Merino's header gives Spain the victory and the semifinal.
There will be no shortage of controversy: Germany protested with referee Taylor for a handball in the area by Cucurella that was not penalized.


UK Labour returns to lead the United Kingdom after 14 years of Tory governments.The country voted for change, for renewal, for the return of politics to public service

-->05 Luglio 2024

London 6 luglio 2024 by George Palladium

Rebuilding the country brick by brick".Away with flashes of genius and impulsiveness, but also with overly bold dreams, it is time for "a government of service": Keir Starmer's words echo with a tone of concreteness, at least in intentions, on the day in which Labour returns to lead the United Kingdom after 14 years of Tory governments marked by shocks, global crises and internal lacerations culminating in the gamble of Brexit.
A legacy that the new prime minister cannot - and does not even want to - erase, but which he in fact intends to put behind him.