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Corriere love sex money Matteo Corsini my impossible marriage all the tricks to avoid falling victim to the femme fatale

New York 4 January 2024 by Matteo Corsini

In the modern world the concept of marriage still seems to have an important value and people continue to get married. But what are the pitfalls for a high spending man? In a highly sophisticated society like today's and where the quality of life takes on meaning in the most unbridled consumerism, marriage becomes a basic tool for achieving well-being and wealth.

Inside this social aquarium, a tall, high-spending man becomes coveted prey at any latitude and longitude, watched closely when he enters a club, both by escorts specialized in snatching Rolexes and by the very refined in search of the classic chicken to pluck and it doesn't matter. if a nice marriage will be involved.

Today's marriage is like a fixed-term contract, to be exploited to have children and therefore find a home, a life without any more worries regulated by a stratospheric maintenance. After a few years of sharing one's existence with the father of the children, life opens up to social networks, Instagram and becomes an orgy of fun, sex, travel and adventures around the world.The life of a high-spending playboy can soon turn into Hell in which the interested party participates, accompanied by her mother, aunts, sisters, friends and friends. A plethora of starving people who can't wait to tear the skin from your flesh and prick it with red-hot needles while throwing handfuls of Himalayan salt on it. From being a predator, the high-spending modern man becomes the unaware prey of a diabolical plan that sometimes even involves his death. The sweet girl who will approach you reciting the fairy tale of the "five men" "in my life I have only had five men" ( as if they were the status of a good girl) is actually sowing within you that thread of respect which is equivalent to having opened a breach in the impenetrable walls of a playboy or of someone who until a few weeks was a prudent man, someone who does not would never get married.

A horny slut looking for millionaire cocks suddenly becomes a God-fearing saint who also plays the part of the jealous girl perfectly at ease. "Are you looking at that slut?" So soon suffocated by splendid blowjobs and dream fucks you will lose the sense of your inner balance ending up in a state of chicken euphoria with feathers to pluck and the maudlin look of the sacrificial capon. You are about to end up on the spit but she has flipped your omelette so well that you imagine you are dominating her, when on the contrary it is she who is keeping you hanging by a thread of wool, which at any moment can unravel leaving you in the agony of loneliness and suffering love.

That splendid holy woman who has only had five men in her life, who turns your face when you stop to look at the legs of some girl from the car, will soon one day appear before you completely dressed in white, transformed into the holy crusader some fucking millionaire to be fleeced alive. You will see her with an immense smile printed on her daughter-of-a-bitch face who, just after the religious function, glances at her mother or grandmother, touching the gold wedding ring that has appeared on her middle finger with the glass of sparkling wine. At that precise moment, the Saint dressed in white placed her shot at the slot machine, the one where you only win and never lose. That wedding ring on her finger has traced the boundaries of your new territory, where the main house where you have always lived will magically become the stage of her life and no longer yours.




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