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US primaries, Trump wins by a landslide in Iowa: the former president has over 50% among the Republicans, obstacle jumping through 91 charges

Donald Trump wins in Iowa, moving closer to winning the Republican nomination. The former president's feat is historic: this could be his third nomination - 2016, 2020, 2024 - and the premise for a new clash with Joe Biden for the White House. There was nothing capable of scuppering his candidacy. Not the 91 charges hanging over his head in four different trials.

Not the weather that made these caucuses the coldest in history and pushed many voters to stay at home. Not even accusations of being populist, racist, instigating chaos and a threat to American democracy. Trump has overcome everything, liquidated his opponents, silenced criticism. Behind him, struggling for second place, were Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. DeSantis prevailed, but without many prospects. As for Haley, the enthusiasm that surrounded the final days of her campaign turned out to be a flash in the pan. She burned strongly, but was quickly extinguished.

There was a psychological threshold that Trump had to overcome: 50 percent of the vote. That threshold has been exceeded. The former president won around 51 percent of the votes. DeSantis is a distant second, with 21 percent. Nikki Haley is third, stopping at 19th. Vivek Ramaswamy, a biotech billionaire who has invested part of his fortune in this Republican campaign, places fourth, announces his retirement and declares his support for Trump (today he will be at his side in a rally in New Hampshire). From the beginning, voting in Iowa has been about not so much who, but how. In fact, all the polls in recent months gave Trump's victory as a certainty. The unknown was the margins of victory. For this reason, in the last days of the campaign, the former president appeared nervous and worried about the almost prohibitive weather conditions, which prevented especially older voters (the heart of his electorate) from staying at home. “Go and vote, even if you are sick”, “Go and vote, even if you die after voting”, Trump repeated in rallies in the last few hours, alternating appeals to vote with insults such as “Thugs” and “Cheaters”, aimed at to unidentified entities that would have tried to steal his victory.

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