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  • Moscow terrorist attack, we are on the edge of the global abyss. Vladimir Putin's reaction is awaited. Yet another threat to the W...

Moscow terrorist attack, we are on the edge of the global abyss. Vladimir Putin's reaction is awaited. Yet another threat to the West?

The Islamic State has published new videos of the attack on the Crocus City concert hall in Moscow: in the images you can see the armed men filming themselves while chasing spectators through the atrium of the concert hall, shooting them at point blank range, cutting their throats to a person already on the ground, they kill dozens of people.

At one point, one of the gunmen tells another to "kill them and have no mercy." The videos were published by the Amaq news agency.

'Allahu akbar' clearly says one of the ISIS terrorists in the video. The phrase is pronounced - but not shouted, as in other Islamic State attacks - a
about half of the video and is the only statement in Arabic, while the rest of the statements are in non-Arabic.

Tajik President Emomali Rahmon telephoned Russian President Vladimir Putin to express condolences after the terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall. Some of the 4 arrested suspects in the attack had Tajik passports. "During the phone call, Vladimir Putin and Emomali Rahmon - states the Kremlin press service as reported by Interfax - underlined that the security services and relevant agencies of Russia and Tajikistan are working closely together to counter terrorism and that this work will be intensified."

The number of those killed in Friday evening's attack on the Crocus City Hall in Moscow has risen to 137, four more than yesterday's toll. This was announced by the Russian Investigative Committee, cited by Moscow agencies, adding that two Kalshnikov submachine guns and many unused ammunition were found at the site.

The number of injured is 180, reports the Russian agency Tass, which initially attributed the figure to the number of deaths.

Russia is observing a day of mourning today, called by President Vladimir Putin. Flags at half-mast, many events canceled while TV stations updated their schedules. In Moscow and other cities, electronic billboards showed an image of a single lit candle and the word "Skorbim," which means "let's cry." Yesterday, an impromptu memorial was also set up outside the stormed concert hall where Muscovites lit candles and laid flowers

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