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USA US Elections Donald Trump Joe Biden Highly Explosive Cocktail Between a Madman and a Dumb Old Man. Americans Are Stunned

New York 29 June 2024 by Ilary Motta

Democrats are privately discussing the possibility of replacing Joe Biden on the presidential ticket after his disappointing performance in the debate with Donald Trump.

This is reported by the American media, according to which the pressure on Biden to step aside is increasing within the Democratic ranks.

"I am very concerned," admits a Democrat in Congress to the Wall Street Journal, hoping that "it is not too late to replace him."

"Parties exist to win and the man on stage with Trump cannot win. This fear will increase calls for him to step aside," another Democrat added to the New York Times.

According to The Hill, Biden's campaign spokesman Seth Schuster denies the backstory: the president "will not abandon" the race for the 2024 elections.

In fact, American media and analysts are almost in agreement: in the first televised presidential duel, Joe Biden did badly. Weak and hoarse voice (due to a cold, his campaign explained belatedly in the middle of the debate), more frequent stuttering than usual, confused or mechanically repeated sentences, a blank stare.

so much so that, according to CNN, there is already "strong panic" among the Dems over the performance that risks sinking him in the polls. Some have even commented "we're screwed" and someone else has floated the idea that the president will step aside. Also in the crosshairs is the president's campaign, which insisted on the challenge and which prepared him for a week at the Camp David retreat. Donald Trump, in comparison, seemed like a lion full of energy, capable of controlling his usual aggressiveness, even if he dodged many questions and repeated various lies. But what mattered most in the challenge between the two oldest candidates ever was the test of age, that is, of lucidity and physical appearance. Biden and Trump arrived in Atlanta in mid-afternoon. The first with his wife Jill, the second alone, without Melania and any family.

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