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Porto Rotondo Villa Certosa Silvio Berlusconi the villa has a value of about 150 million euros. Matteo Corsini speaks, the Roman real estate agent who identified the villa in the Trevi Fountain for the former prime minister for Dudù and Francesca Pascale

London June 29, 2024Silvio Berlusconi's Villa Certosa is worth around 150 million euros. Porto Rotondo is a beautiful place but it is not Saint Tropez or Cap d'Antibe. The villa is also renovated in the old-fashioned way and should be completely redone according to modern aesthetic standards.

If they were to transform it into a hotel it would be worth around 100 million euros.Speaking is Matteo Corsini, the historic real estate agent who identified the palace in Fontana di Trevi for the former Prime Minister Silvoi Berlusconi, Dudù and the then Francesca Pascale.

Sardinia is getting closer to Asia: after the Ismaili prince Karim Aga Khan, who sixty years ago pioneered the island by landing and building the Costa Smeralda, and Qatar, which with its Qatar Foundation owns the luxury hotels and structures on the island, now it is the turn of the Sultan of Brunei who has his eye on Villa Certosa, in Porto Rotondo.

The historic summer residence in Sardinia owned by Silvio Berlusconi, located in Punta Lada, could in fact be included in the enormous assets of the very rich Hassanal Bolkian, 77 years old, at the head of the absolute Islamic monarchy on the island of Borneo.



The villa overlooking the gulf of Porto Rotondo - 4,500 square meters, with 126 rooms and a 120-hectare park - was put up for sale after the death of the founder of Fininvest and Forza Italia, at a price that could reach up to 500 million euros.

A mind-boggling figure that does not worry the longest-reigning sultan in the world, whose assets include, among other properties, 452 Ferraris, 500 Rolls Royces and dozens of unique models for a total of 7,000 vehicles worth 5 billion dollars.

His name is the one that has been circulating most insistently in Gallura for some time, even though there are other Arab and American billionaires and international hotel groups intending to evaluate the purchase of the residence that has seen the most powerful men in the world hosted in its rooms, including former US president George Bush, former British prime minister Tony Blair and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

According to some rumors, Bolkian has already made an inspection of Porto Rotondo, going to Villa Certosa, probably with the sumptuous cruise ship used for the honeymoon of one of his ten children, Adbul Mateen, who last January, after the ceremony, toured the Mediterranean, also looking out over Sardinia, in the company of his bride and a select few guests. His gold-plated Boeing 747-400, worth around 233 million dollars, in fact, did not land at the Olbia airport, where it certainly would not have gone unnoticed. Beyond the confidentiality on the matter, it has been learned that negotiations for the purchase are taking place remotely.

Pier Silvio Berlusconi is said to be in the villa these days, and his sister Marina should also be joining him shortly. Is it a coincidence that the news of the sultan's interest has arrived in these hours or are the deal close to being closed?

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